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RJPL India is an Indian website-based News and Magazine publisher. 


The journey of RJPL India begins on 07th August 2020. With a website name Twigged India. When Twigged India was launched it was planned to be a Social Media platform, but due to some government regulations. Twigged India was converted to a Micro Influencers Magazine and changed to RJPL India. 

RJPL India launched its 1st edition of the magazine on 1st Feb 2021 by the name of RJPL Magazine. The 1st edition of RJPL Magazine featured a female model Twinkle Pitrola. After that, RJPL India never looked back till now RJPL Magazine has featured 150+ Creators, Influencers, Dancers, Singers, and Artists. This included popular personalities like Madhoshmuskan (Content Creator), Ved Prajapati (Content Creator), Jyoti Thakuria (Influencer), Kendra Muecke (Singer), Melani García (Winner of Voice Kids Spain)

In the same year 2021, RJPL India launched its news podcast on all the podcasting platforms. Gradually podcasts got popular and now RJPL India English Podcast has audience from many countries like India, USA, Germany, Canada, Taiwan, Spain, and more. 

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Meet Our Founder 

Raj Anand

Founder of RJPL India

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