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Aartika Kumari aka bookswithaartika a book lover spreading the knowledge of books.

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Aartika Kumari aka bookswithaartika

Aartika Kumari is a book lover and spreading her love of books on Instagram @bookswithaartika.


Aartika was born on May 8, 2001, She completed her studies with B.Sc. Botany from Delhi University.

Social Media Journey

Aartika started creating content on Instagram 4 months after completing her graduation. Aartika is a books lover, she believes books are the key to unlocking success. Aartika is always been a bright student in her schools and college. As Aartika loves to read new books and learn new things from it. One day Aartika was reading her favourite book and she got an idea to "These books changed my life and it can change other life too, I can post good stuff from these books and people who can afford it can also learn good things" from this Aartika become a content creator and inspiration for many people.

Since there Aartika read many books some of her favourite books are listed below. Rich Dad Poor Dad, Think and Grow Rich, Do Epic Shit, Think Like a Monk. With this Aartika currently has 36k+ followers on Instagram and counting.

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