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Aditya Biju Rajan is an Indian influencer who has earned popularity through the lipsyncing on tiktok

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

Aditya Biju Rajan famously know with his Instagram/Tiktok username Adityabijuranjan.


Aditya was Born on 29 August 2002. Aditya is from Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India. As in 2021, Aditya Biju Rajan’s age is 19 Years. Currently Studying in Pillai College Of Arts and Engineering. Navi Mumbai (BAMMC FIRST YEAR)


Social Media Journey

Aditya started his social media journey in 7th standard (2014). In started Aditya use to make videos on dubsmash and later he started making videos on (Tiktok). He had 2 Account on Tiktok and uploaded atleast 1000 videos on his 1st account. Aditya 1st Video was getting Tons of likes & comments was intentionally deleted by my friend! & Then Aditya had a mental breakdown because it Broke his confidence & Left making videos. Aditya quitted Every Social Media Platform. Many People Encouraged me and many demoralised he But ignored all those hate comments/taunts and again started making videos from “zero followers”

Aditya was in 11th class with his friends had a group study. They accidentally Made a video and uploaded on Aditya new account & It Got Viral. That video was having 60k Like and deleted by My friend. He Gained 60k followers in one day & After That Aditya Made all efforts in my videos. There were many up’s down’s but never Stepped Back.


Aditya wants to become a influencer brand.

RJPL India also wishes for your Dream.

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