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Arshlan Ali Siddique aka Shaikhsaif_07 famous influencer.

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

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Arshlan Ali Siddique

From earning Rs 50 a day to owning a BMW, here's the rags to riches story of Indian Instagram &Josh aap star Arshlan Ali Siddique aka Shaikhsaif_07

Arshlan Ali Siddique, who is popularly known as Shaikhsaif_07, is an Indian Instagram And Josh aap star. He is also a model and influencer. The young lad has a huge fan base in the country owing to his funny video clips and lip-sync videos on Instagram&Josh app. Arshlan Ali  revealed his rags to riches story in a social media post. This post also shows his never known side before. Take a look. (Photo: Instagram)

Interview with Arshlan Ali Siddique

Helping his father and earning Rs 50 a day

"I grew up helping dad run a small nightie business. The work was demanding & the pay was too little. So at 18, I got a job as a salesman on Linking Road. For ₹50 a day, I spent 9 hours in the heat & threw myself at passersby to buy clothes." (Photo: Instagram)

​He would cry as he couldn't afford his mother's medical bills

"I was still in college, so I’d wake up at 6, attend lectures, work & then come home at 12 AM & sleep for 4 hours. Life was hard–I’d cry because we couldn’t afford mom’s medical bills or dad’s treatment even after we sold my bike & begged for loans. I then got fired from my job at a perfume brand because I dropped a bottle worth ₹12000. No matter how hard I tried, life got harder." (Photo: Instagram)

​Began making 14 videos a day

"But I didn’t have time to wallow–I found a new job & added on another hustle–creating fun videos online. I began making 14 videos everyday for a year–on my way to work, during lunch breaks or even when I was sick. My friends & I’d dance & lip sync to songs." (Photo: Instagram)

​Parents wanted him to get an BMLT degree and not be an 'unpaid hero'

Before I knew it, students began recognizing me & customers at work knew me as the ‘guy who made Josh app videos’! But my parents wanted me to get an BMLT, not be an unpaid ‘hero’ & my relatives thought ‘ladka barbaad ho gaya’." (Photo: Instagram)

On the success of his videos

"I knew I was on to something big when one of my videos got 10 million views in 2 days. I got invited to events where fans showed up in huge numbers. Once, I uploaded a photo inside a hotel & 2000 people showed up there." (Photo: Instagram)

On his growing popularity

"I even starred in music videos that got over 100 million views & was a part of India’s biggest fan fest. People knew me wherever I went! But I didn’t take it seriously until I launched my personal deodorant brand on Instagram–in 30 minutes, we got 5000 pre-orders & in 2 hours, we sold out! I can’t believe I’m living the life I thought was impossible–I’m doing what I love, traveling to places I dreamt of & giving my family all they deserve. Recently, I got my sister married in the most ‘dhoom-dhaam’ style & now I’m buying a new home for us." (Photo: Instagram)

​He was fired from his job and now owns a BMW

"I never imagined that I’d go from earning ₹50 a day & selling my bike to being able to buy my family a BMW in 1 year. I think hard-work makes the universe deliver in mysterious ways. That’s how the same boy who was fired for dropping a perfume bottle now owns a deodorant brand that’s sold out by the millions."(Photo: Instagram)

All the information are collected from Arshlan Ali Siddique.

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