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Dharmesh Nayak is growing content creator

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

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Dharmesh Nayak

Dharmesh Nayak is a growing content creator, who posts his content on Instagram @dharmesh_nyk.


Dharmesh did his graduation with a bachelor's in Mass Media.

Social Media Journey

Dharmesh was very good in his studies but after completing 10th standard his love and passion for arts grew more. He always wanted to become an actor.

When Dharmesh was in college, He took dance classes and also choreographed wedding events/corporate shows. He is doing theatre since Childhood and a show called Tara from Satara (Sonytv) apart from this. Not just that, Dharmesh has also done some other acting projects which include Ads, crime shows, and music videos.

I opened my YouTube channel in 2018 where I’ve been posting my dance videos there… Near the end of 2019, I came across Tiktok and posted videos there. By the span of 3 months I had like 1.6 million followers there… have been working with apps like moj and Josh… I further aim at doing some big projects in acting and taking my acting career Ahead… My parents have been my backbone and with their blessings, I will try to achieve more success in the future - says Dharmesh

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