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Dhruvi Narang aka _dhruvinarang_ upcoming influencer brand.

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Dhruvi Narang know with her Instagram username _dhruvinarang_


Dhruvi was born on 16/11/2004. Education yet not completed. She is going with her studies of 10th standard.


Social Media Journey

Dhruvi started her social media journey in 2020 during lockdown, but she wants to post videos when she was in class 6th but due to the lack of knowledge Dhruvi couldn't post. Dhruvi was always a bit underatted child and was bullied because of the squint in her eye, so she decided to showcase her dance but also to prove people wrong. As Dhruvi started her career in lockdown she normally everyone was chilling but that time Dhruvi was busy in making video. Now she realized that lockdown helped her in getting her talent and aim. Currently Dhruvi is getting good support not only from her family and friends but from her new followers too.


Dhruvi wants to open her own dance class in Mumbai.

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