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Disha Acharya is one of the fastest growing female fashion influencer.

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Disha Acharya

Disha Acharya is a fashion influencer who posts her stuff on Instagram. Her Instagram username is @the_.perfectionless._gul.


Disha was born on Mar 7, 2001. She completed her education in B.Sc botany from Lady brabourne college.

Social Media Journey

Disha started creating content in June 2021. Well society won't accept creators, fashion influencers or influencing as a job - says Disha.

When Disha began, she faced many questions like science students should focus on being a doctor, engineer or PhD level kid, not this TikTok stuff. But she was consistent with her focus to grow in this field. Disha also faced issues while talking about sanitary napkins or menstrual cups on her social media handle but initially, now they realise how good much work she is doing and how passionately working to showcase her content. Disha's favourite brands to her community. She also encouraged many other influencers and create content. Currently, Disha is having 102k followers on Instagram. Not just that, Disha is the winner of "Best fashionista at SSA'22.

All the information is collected from Disha Acharya.

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