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How Khushdeep Kaur Chilotra Overcame Fear to Build a Fashion Community on Social Media

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Khushdeep Kaur Chilotra

Khushdeep Kaur Chilotra is a growing content creator, she is posting her videos on Instagram @khushdeep__chilotra_.


Khushdeep was born on Jan 30, 2004, she is currently doing a bachelor’s in Computer Programming from Canada.

Social Media Journey

Khushdeep started creating content on November 2020. She had a keen interest in Fashion from the very beginning but she was not confident enough to take her account public on social media.

But one fine day, I gathered all the guts and told myself “Yes this is something that, I really want to do with the whole of my heart” and I took my account public - says Khushdeep.

Khushdeep knew, that she could add some quality content for people out there to get inspired by the looks, she will create and hence keep doing it. When Khushdeep started, It was hard to build a community where people would admire her fashion sense and get inspired. But Khushdeep kept doing it because she used to enjoy it.

After a year, Khushdeep started getting collaborations with Fashion brands like Myntra, Westside, and many more and currently she is having 24,000 followers.

Absolutely grateful! This journey has taught me how to present myself in front of a crowd and to be confident enough to interact with people around me. I am looking forward to so much more now as this is just the beginning -says Khushdeep.

All the information is collected from Khushdeep Kaur Chilotra.

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