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Kajal Ansh is a growing content creator cum event manager

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Kajal Ansh

Kajal Ansh is a growing content creator, she is posting her content on Instagram @Kajalansh4917_.


Kajal was born on Oct 30, 2003. She is doing graduation and did digital marketing course, event management course too.

Social Media Journey

Kajal started creating content 2 months ago in January 2023. Kajal, who has a passion for event planning, recently made the decision to start producing material for her social media accounts in order to highlight her abilities and draw in potential customers. She has, however, found it difficult to strike a balance between her business and content creation because she is a busy wedding and event designer.

Kajal has only been producing material for two months, yet she's already running into problems that many other content producers do. Though it can be simple to come up with ideas for content, sitting down and actually generating it can take time and be exhausting. Kajal may find this particularly difficult because she is balancing many obligations at once. But despite of all the challenges, she is currently having 17.7k followers on Instagram and Million on video.

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