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Maithili Jha's Instagram Journey: From Regular User to Viral Content Creator

Updated: Mar 11

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Maithili Jha

Maithili Jha is a growing content creator, she posts her content on Instagram as @maithilijha_


Maithili was born on 11/09/2003 and currently, pursuing her studies college.


Social Media Journey

Maithili began her journey on Instagram six years ago, right at the beginning of 2018. Initially, she was just a regular user, like many ninth-grade students, using social media casually. However, her approach shifted six months ago with the launch of Instagram's "Reel" feature. Maithili decided to create videos focusing on funny, dance, and relatable content. One of her videos gained immense popularity, crossing the milestone of a million views and accumulating over 150,000 likes. This success marked a turning point in her life.

Since then, many of Maithili's videos have surpassed the one million views mark. Encouraged by this initial success, she continued to create and share engaging content on her Instagram account.

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