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Neha Gulati aka thatfitmum famous fitness coach

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

Neha Gulati famous fitness guide with her Instagram username thatfitmum.


Neha was born on 28th Nov 1981. She has completed her education with a bachelor of computer science graduate, a PG in networking, and a dual MBA.


Social Media Journey

Neha started her fitness journey 4 years back after two section deliveries, she is also the winner of Mrs. India Delhi NCR 2018. Neha is a Reebok-certified group trainer, ACE-certified personal trainer, 300-hours certified yoga Trainer, and Certified mountaineer. Currently, Neha is having 114k+ followers on Instagram.


Neha's goal is to be stronger every day, being able to do what she luv till she can.

All the information is collected from Neha Gulati.

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