Niti Pandey aka pandeyniti aka kurbatein a multi-talented writer and comedian.

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

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Niti Pandey

Niti Pandey is a Multi-talented personality, she is a writer as well as comedian. Niti is having two Social Media accounts Kurbatein and Pandeyniti.


Niti was born on 04/12/1992. She has completed her studies with MBA in marketing.

Social Media Journey

Niti started her social media journey from hindi quotes in year 2019 with kurbatein. She with 2 years here hindi page kurbatein went viral and everyone was relating to the content till now she is having 23.5k followers but after that Niti not stopped here she was very fond of comedy videos and then she decided to create her own comedy content on private account then one fine day she made her personal account into public and people found it entertaining.

As a creator Niti try to be authentic and just like her poetry, she keeps her videos raw and unfiltered. On here comedy content account pandeyniti is having 15k followers and continued.

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