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Prisha Shah is a growing dance content creator.

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Prisha Shah,

Prisha Shah is growing dance content creator, she is posting her content on Instagram @prisha.shahh_.


Prisha was born on Aug 2, 2003. She currently in second year of BMM.

Social Media Journey

Prisha started creating content during the initial phase of lockdown. She decided to use lockdown phase in for growth and not just binge watching the webshows on Netflix and Prime. She create dance reels and also try to cover up fashion and lifestyle reels. In the beginning it wasn't easy to create videos for Prisha. As she can't shoot the video outside.

But despite of all challenges, Prisha is currently having 27k followers on Instagram and one of her videos has beaten the mark of 6.6 Million views.

All the information is collected from Prisha Shah.

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