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Raavi Arora aka Raaviaroradance upcoming dancer.

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Raavi Arora know with her Instagram username Raaviaroradance for her dance step.


Raavi was born on 29/07/2009. Currently she is in 6 standard.


Social Media Journey

Raavi started her social media journey in year 2019 but for 1year she was only posting her picture. In year 2020 she decided to post video on Instagram. Raavi posted first video on 31 ​August 2020. Within 6 months she is having 300+ followers and 1 reel video is having 20k+ views. Meanwhile she had 2 collab and continued.


Raavi wants to become a Dancer and Youtuber.

​RJPL India also wishes for your Dream

All the information are collected form Raavi Arora

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