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Zaydd is growing singer

Updated: Jan 19

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Rajdeep Goswami

Zaydd is an Indian Record Producer and Singer. Rdgmusic is managed by Plug Records.


Rajdeep did his studies at


Rajdeep started creating content for the last 4 years. He released his first single 'Xubaxh' on Youtube as an Individual. Later he signed with his channel Rdgmusic and moved on to Soundcloud. His all original songs are on Soundcloud As Rdgmusic. He Had made songs of Prandeep Hazarika, Chandeep Hazarika, and many other artists songs. His all Online music distributions excluding Soundcloud are managed by Plug Records. He is the first EDM Producer to sign with the Label. He debuted his first worldwide release of the single 'Xubaxh' under the label in 2021. Now he is a verified artist on Spotify and iTunes...

All the information is collected from Rajdeep Goswami.

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