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Rupali Dixit aka ghumakkadlaali is a growing content creator

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Rupali Dixit aka ghumakkadlaali

Rupali Dixit is a growing content creator, she is posting her content on Instagram @ghumakkadlaali.


Rupali was born on Aug 24, 1998, she did Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering.

Social Media Journey

Rupali started created content on January of 2023. After frustrated from her daily routine job, she quite the job. Rupali was unemployed for more than a year after 2022. Suffered from financial crisis and depression from a TOXIC Relationship and friends/relative but no one support her in that time except for a few. Than Rupali met a person who support her and motivate to do something revolutionary. He help a lot.

Than, we started creating content on January of 2023. Begin a "365 days भारत भ्रमण " Journey of my INDIA by started making a reel/shorts on YouTube & Instagram. I do not have enough money to take a 2 star hotel. I slept in the railway station and ate 1 times in a day only -says Rupali.

Oneday one reel of Rupali's YouTube/Instagram video went viral on social media. Right now it has 50 Million+ views on YouTube and 1.7 Million+ Views on Instagram within 1 months. People started shared her reel on social media like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter etc.

Rupali built a certain amount of family on YouTube & Instagram who loves and supports her. Currently, Rupali has 250K+ Subscribers on YouTube & 25k+ Follower on Instagram.

Today, I feels like a dream and I m grateful for it and proud that my hard work started paying off. Thanks to me and my YouTube & Instagram family - says Rupali.

All the information is collected from Rupali Dixit.

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