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Saahel aka saahellmusic famous Music Producer

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Saahel is a famous Music Producer with his Instagram username saahellmusic


.Saahel was born on 29th June 2002 in a music-loving Maharashtrian family from Mumbai.


Social Media Journey

Saahel started his training in Hindustani classical music at the age of 8 years along with his sister. Saahel also did more than 150 live shows all over india as a kid singer and performed for all major satellite regional channels.

As time passed Saahel, learned how to mix music online, he started producing music and gradually started making covers & Saahel took his work to social media and started his Instagram page @saahellmusic in September 2020. After sharing a good amount of music content one fine day i.e on 8th April 2021 he posted a Hindi version of Heartbreak Anniversary. It was loved by music enthusiast youth and it got 7.8 million views and that has changed everything for Saahel. By that Saahel had a boom from 2000 followers to 185K+ followers till date. Got a few major brand deals and from there he never looked back.

Saahel doesn't have any specific artist as a favourite, So when it comes to music he listens to a wide variety of artists & varied genres, When it comes to Bollywood, A.R Rehman is someone who idolized all his life.

All the information is collected from Saahel

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