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Sagar Verma aka sagar.speaks famous blogger and the founder of

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Sagar Verma aka Sagar.speaks

Sagar Verma is famous blogger and the founder of with his Instagram username sagar.speaks.


Sagar was born on 22-5-1997. He completed his education with Bachelor of Technology in IT

field from SRMCEM, LKO.


Social Media Journey

Sagar quit his job in 2019 to pursue his passion for blogging and digital marketing. Sagar is very interested in sharing his little experience of corporate life and digital content topics with his lovely audience. After completing B.Tech in Information Technology from Shri Ramswaroop Memorial College of Engineering and Management, Lucknow, Sagar moved to Bengaluru, to explore more career options as a digital marketer. Despite his academic achievements, he was never interested in college placement programs. In college, Sagar started reading about blogging. He even started a few blogs like,, (He don’t own these domains now) and Youtube channels as well but was never serious with these blogs or channel.

Despite his career in the IT field, he never thought of going into an IT company. But he skilled himself in the field of Digital Marketing. But still he got one job as a digital marketing executive in Bengaluru. The idea of serious blogging hit him while working there. Sagar got fired from the job as he was working on learning and writing personal blogs during his office hours even after completing all the works with more than satisfactory results.

Later, Sagar joined the 2nd company in Bengaluru as a digital marketing executive where he conceived the idea of 9to5Job. But, again Sagar got fired for the same reasons as during his previous job. Sagar started looking for a new job but, unfortunately, the pandemic hit our country just the next month and he had to move back to U.P. Sagar started working as a freelancer, then and also expanded his learning horizons. Sagar not only created 9to5Job but took it to a large section of the audience with a common thought process.

"My journey through my patchy job life and the career that I made for myself during the pandemic inspired the idea of 9to5Job and instagram sagar.speaks. I have some plans to grow and share my knowledge with the world. I am constantly working on with full determination" says Sagar.

All the information are collected from Sagar Verma.

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