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Sahil Ramgharia is growing comedy content creator.

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Sahil Ramgharia

Sahil Ramgharia is a comedy content creator, who shares his videos on Instagram @verified_defalter.


Sahil is going with his studies of 1st Civil engineering.

Social Media Journey

Sahil started creating content in 2017. Since childhood, Sahil loves to record videos and in the year 2017, he decided to create content with his studies. In his free time, Sahil use to record videos and entertain his audience. His audience always supported him and gave him so much love. Not just that, Sahil also love his/her audience too much and consider them as a family.

While creating content, Sahil also faced some issues like "network problem" and the major one of "not having any to help him in recording the video by holding the camera for the video" but these issues not stopped, Sahil in this content creation journey.

All the information is collected from Sahil Ramgharia.

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