Sail Shelar is a Popular Marathi comedy content Creator.

Sail Shelar is popular Marathi comedy content creator. He is posting his video on instagram account @sail_shelar.


Sail was born on Dec 18, 2000, Completed his Graduation with Advertisement in B.M.M.

Social Media Journey

Sail started creating content on August 2020. Sail not much problem, but looking for content which will relatable to everyone was the task for him, and he decided that his content should not be what other creators are doing, he will create a unique one.

"It was a fun when you have to observe different types of people and getting into their character" - says Sail.

It's my backbone means my whole team won't available there for me, If wouldn't be here where I'm now so all my credits goes to my team and to those people who supported me every time, I would like thanks to them - says Sail.

Apart from this, Sail is a childhood artist, He did some marathi movie and serial. He added that, I started this journey and damn sure I won't finish this up soon. So yeah, I would say abhi tho basement pe hu abhi tho pura mount everest baki hai thanks to all my supportive people and team.

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