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Shikha Agarwal aka theshikhadose is a popular fashion and lifestyle blogger.

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Shikha Agarwal

Shikha Agarwal is a popular fashion and lifestyle blogger on instagram. Her Instagram username is @theshikhadose


Shikha completed her education with Btech.

Social Media Journey

Shikha started the content creation journey in March 2019. When Shikha started her content creation journey, she has to face some problem. Major problem Shikha's faced was due to lack of equipment such as getting proper light for her videos and finding time for it with a full time job. After, facing all the more difficult. Now Shikha is a well established fashion and lifestyle blogger. She is sharing content so that people can upgrade their lifestyle within their budget. Shikha's most popular video received more then 17 Million+, currently she is having 214k followers on instagram and counting.

All the informations are collected from Shikha Agarwal.

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