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Soumya Singh aka artist_soumyasingh upcoming famous artist

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Soumya Singh known with her instagram username artist_soumyasingh for her artworks.


Soumya was born on 10/04/2004. She recently completed her 10th standard.


Social Media Journey

Soumya started her social media journey 2 years back as a dancer and artist. "Everything is going great but still there's is more to learn and achieve. It all started with merely 1000 followers and now it's more than 10000 followers" says Soumya Singh.

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Pikachu designed by Soumya Singh

Soumya started to make art when she was in 4th standard. Drawing gives her purpose to love creation and art. It her first love and it will be something that will never leave Soumya. If she has to sacrifice her life for art Soumya will to that. It's an uncontrollable urge that she always had. The reason this craze is passion, because it makes Soumya feel like her that she is make the world bit more creative place. Soumya spread inspiration throughout the world with her art. Its her ultimate goal anyway. "Inspiration is the best form of motivation" this line inspired Soumya to create amazing arts.

Besides this Soumya also love dancing. she has won prizes from reputed organizations as a dancer.

All the information are collected from Soumya Singh.

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