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Surabhi Singh aka surabhiartstudio is social media artists

Surabhi Singh is an artist sharing, her content on instagram @surabhiartstudio.


Surabhi was born on Mar 15, 1997, she is her Bachelor of Arts, and going with her studies of post graduation M.A. in Education. D.El.ed.

Social Media Journey

Surabhi started creating content from this year itself. Once she found free from her educational goals. She started this time and gratuity her focus shifted to her own creative journey and Surabhi decided to give it her full attention by exploring mediums and subjects that excited her. She started participating in various contests and started enjoying making contents reels. Different ideas . Learning, sharing, exploring, new forms of art and making reels was fun. She completed her 100k journey in 2.5 months. May to mid July. Which was a very small period for and biggest achievement for Surabhi. She never expected that she will get so much of love here for art. She comes from middle class family. If Surabhi giving her time to paintings or making reels videos. Her parents think, that she is wasting her time. Instead they always want degree, study and job. Hence she successfully completed her educational journey and now have full freedom for art journey.

Surabhi started art business in 2021 in India Mart. In 1 year, shipped more than 100+ paintings. She also experience making Resin coasters, trays. This whole one year after lockdown. When she college went online and got time to focus on art along with studies.

I started giving online art classes. I tried various forms of art - Warli, Pichwai, Madhubani, Abstract :- says Surabhi.

Now, she prefer Fevicryl, Acrylic paints and Camel. Her art journey was challenging a bit because was of no support from home.

I myself took step out from making earning through my art. Once I started getting orders from various clients , hotels . My parents understand the importance of and started support me in my work art :- says Surabhi.

Surabhi's parents had, thought that art won't be a good future. They wanted her to become teacher. So, she took teacher training as well. Now, Surabhi is also preparing for Ctet. She knew that, she comes from a family where money is very important. If being engineer or doctor or teacher gives you monthly salary. You should do that. They start comparing from relatives.

Surabhi started earning good from her orders. All likes her work. Hence, she changed this mindset of her parents.

Doing job is not only way. Getting degrees is not only way. Skill is also important. If someone is doing dance , music , art also has equal respect :- says Surabhi.

As well as doing her art business on other hand. She is making customize hand painting. Any design and choice on any materials. Surabhi has done many fabric painting on sarees, dupatta, mdf boxes, wall plates for their clients. But she was so much over loaded with orders that, she didn't get time to post on social media in past 1 year of work. Recently in April, she almost ended up with her orders at most and started making reels and content. Now, she wakes up happily do her orders, making content. Soon, Surabhi will start her YouTube tutorials as many are asking for it.

All the information are collected from Surabhi Singh.

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