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Tanu Jha aka _Twinkinglingtanu_ dancing star.

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Tanu Jha is well known with her Instagram username _Twinkinglingtanu_ for her dance.


Tanu was born on 18/03/2012. She is in the 4th standard.


Social Media Journey

Tanu started her social media journey during this lockdown. She was having this account but wasn’t active much. When she started uploading reels & videos & got huge love & appreciation from the audience motivated Tanu every day. The biggest celebrities like Mika Singh, Neha Kakkar, Akull, Jass Manak, Nidhi Kumar, Sonali Bhadauria & many more also shared her video on stories. This was one of the best moments in her life. Till now she is having 11k+ followers on Instagram. Tanu's account is managed by her sister.


​Tanu wants to be a choreographer & inspire many more children like her.

RJPl India also wishes for your Dream.

​All the information is collected from Tanu JhaTanu Jha


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