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Twinkle Pitrola aka Not_justateacher upcoming big social media Influencer.

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Twinkle Pitrola

Twinkle Pitrola is famous with her Instagram username Not_justateacher.


She was born on 02/06/1998. A few education years ago Twinkle completed her education in commerce. She is a teacher in convent school​ by Profession and Influence by Passion.


Social Media Journey

After completing her education, she didn't want to waste her time and life like others, so she created Reels on Instagram. In the month of August 2020, she uploaded her first reel video. Within 5 to 6 Months she completed 12k+ followers on Instagram. Few of her Reel videos have crossed 2Million+ Video on Instagram. Twinkle is not just on Instagram, she also has accounts on Moj and Rosopo.


She wants to continue her social media journey and became a big influencer brand. RJPL India also wishes for your Dream.

​All the Information collected have from the Twinkle Pitrola.

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