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Vinayak Ghoshal aka Vinayakghoshal well know dance choreographer.

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Vinayak Ghoshal well know dance choreographer with his Instagram username vinayakghoshal


Vinayak was born on 5th June 1994. He has completed Graduation in Mass Media specializing in Advertising. Vinayak has also been awarded as the best performing student in co-curricular activities among his peers.


Social Media Journey

Vinayak always interested in dance but didn't look at it as a career. Like everyone, he also had to tackle the family members concerns about his future. But Vinayak always wanted to express himself and meet new people, and learn new things. According to Vinayak this intuitive instinct led to this wonderful journey.

Formally Vinayak become trained at the Future School of Performing Arts where he got 5 different disciplines, namely Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Ballet and Yoga.

Two moments made him reach out to the dream of being a dancer. One was Tamasha. Like so many people, it was a wake-up call for Vinayak Secondly, there was one occasion when he was returning from his call center job in the cab and heard Mitwa play on the radio. The lyrics just took Vinayak to different spaces, deep into introspection and led him to live the dream to dance. He also get inspired by people around him, by so many talented artists online.

Currently Vinayak Ghoshal is having 67k+ followers on Instagram and 107k+ Subscribe on YouTube and continued.


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