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What is Creator of the Week by RJPL India.

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

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Creator of the Week

Creator of the Week is an Initiative of RJPL India. In this we will bring out the hidden stars of Social Media. Who are having the real talent but not getting the proper amount of attention from the public that he/she deserves. We are selected a new creator every Sunday.

Who can become a "Creator of the week"

If you are Artist, Actor, Choreographer, Content Creator, Dancer, Influence, Model, Singer, or other.

You can get a chance to be featured in the Creators of Week.

How to become the "Creator of the Week"

Anyone can become the Creator of the week if he/she is creating a good content and adding the value to his/her audience life. Tag us on your video. We will checkout your video and if selected you can become the Creator of the week.

How many followers you need to become a "Creator of the Week" ?

There is not any criteria based on the followers because we believe talent doesn't require any number to become the "Creator of the week".

What are the Benefits of becoming the "Creator of the week" ?

  • If you becomes the creators of the week you will be noticed by many other creators and public.

  • We will create a personalized post and story of you and post it on our social media handles @rjplindia.

  • One of your best video will be add to our website banner.

Featured in Creator of the Week

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