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Ashiti Jha's Social Media Odyssey from a Camera Enthusiast Content Creator

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Ashiti Jha

Ashiti Jha is a burgeoning content creator who shares her creations on Instagram under the handle @ashitixjha.


Currently, Ashiti is pursuing her first year of Bachelor's in Journalism and Mass Communication at the Times School of Media, Bennett University.

Social Media Journey

Ashiti commenced her content creation journey in 2022. From a young age, she had an affinity for the camera, but opportunities to express herself were limited until she discovered Instagram reels. With this newfound platform, Ashiti began producing dance and expression videos. Initially, she faced challenges, learning about lighting, editing, and more. However, with time, she garnered support and encouragement, leading to her current robust following of 62,000 on Instagram.

All the information provided is sourced directly from Ashiti Jha.


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