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Nidhi Sahu aka tilwaliladki RJ turned content creator.

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Nidhi Sahu aka tilwaliladki

Nidhi Sahu is a reliable content creator, she is posting her content on Instagram at @tilwaliladki.


She did her education with M.A in mass communication.

Social Media Journey

Nidhi started creating content in 2013. She started as a Radio Jockey. In the initial stages, Nidhi use to get affected by negative comments but over the years, she developed a thick skin and don't pay any heed to faceless trolls. Some of her videos have beaten Million in terms of views. One of her has crossed 11 Million+ views, and Nidhi is currently having 30.6 k+ followers on Instagram.

All the information is collected from Nidhi Sahu.


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