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Pratibha Arora is a rapidly growing content creator for her reliable content among youth.

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Pratibha Arora

Pratibha Arora is a content creator, she's posting her videos on Instagram @arorapratibha_.


Pratibha was born on May 29, 1999, She completed her Master's Degree in HR and Marketing.

Social Media Journey

Pratibha started content creation 5 years back. As a Pratibha fashion blogger and got several paid shoots, however, covid started and all shoots got cancelled so she stopped posting which resulted in a sudden drop in reach. Pratibha's followers started declining and she started feeling very low and deleted her account because she felt this isn’t her cup of tea.

Two months later, Pratibha started working in a call centre, saved some money because she had to contribute towards her college fee, and later on got a better job and then saved more. Also, after which she decided that now since "I have the second option let’s try one more time. So I made a new account and experimented with different contents- say funny, transitions, lip-syncing and whatnot. As a result, I realised my niche is relatable and funny content rather than the fashion stuff - says Pratibha.

Now, I am doing it with my heart and soul again, fingers are crossed I am getting the result and praying for more too. Thanks for reading - says Pratibha.

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