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Rashmi Chaudhary aka the_medventure is a growing content creator

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Rashmi Chaudhary aka the_medventure

Rashmi Chaudhary is a growing content creator, she is posting her content on Instagram @the_medventure.


Rashmi is going with her studies for MBBS.

Social Media Journey

Rashmi started creating content in Dec 2020. When she started her journey of content creation, Rashmi was not so indulged in it. She was bored, so thought to do something creative and was not expecting it to go somewhere.

Medical students are considered nerds but trust me they’re not. I was not very active in the starting one year of my journey, I used to post very randomly whenever I want. Sometimes I went months without posting - says Rashmi.

But then, last year in 2022, Rashmi got more consistent with it and she started sharing funny, relatable reels on the page along with her journey and she saw that thousands of students relating with her.

As a creator, it feels really great when people relate with your reels, and when they appreciate you for your work. Those DMs and comments of appreciation really give us a lot of motivation to do better. Of course, some people come up with their negativity as well, but with time you learn how to deal with them and ignore them - says Rashmi.

So if anyone wants to start with their content creation journey, one thing which you should keep in mind is, “it’s never going to be easy" somedays your reach will be mind-blowing and some days it will be really bad..some of your reels which you never thought will do good, will end up getting you millions of views and some of your reels which you thought will make an impact, will just be there on your feed with bare minimum views. So, it’s a journey and you never know what will happen. So enjoy it. - says Rashmi.

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